Sharing my love of Dandelions

Happy 2014!!!

Last year,  in January I wrote a post about dandelions, things-to-do-with-dandelions well it was actually a round up of links to recipes and ideas of  how to use dandelions. It has been my most popular post ever!!   I was and still am surprised  that  dandelions are so popular or have become more so of late. I see them popping up everywhere !

When I first started becoming interested in wildcrafting/foraging I was really chuffed and excited every time I recognized a new wild plant,  especially if it had medicinal properties and it tasted good.  I have always admired Hippocrates frequently quoted words
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".
Ok, so every one knows what a dandelion looks like, don't they?  Can you tell the difference between a dandelion, catsear or hawksbeard?  I'm just beginning to easily spot the differences now.

The only problem that I had was that I lacked ideas for how to use my wild plant discoveries and sometimes they do need creativity to make them taste good. Italians have a rich, inspirational history of incorporating wild foods into their diet, but there aren't many wild food recipe books.  Italian mammas always seek to find the best, freshest, local produce that they can afford and friends or family members often make gifts of mushrooms, home-grown produce or freshly picked fruit. Food is so much more important  here than it was in the UK when I lived there,  although encouraged by popular chefs like Jamie Oliver, perhaps that is changing now.

Wild food is becoming more main stream, there are many more ideas, books, recipes, websites etc than there were two years ago. I think it's easier to find interesting ways  of using wild plants now. My round-up of dandelion links was a way to put my favourite ideas  in one place. Pinterest is a really great resource for this reason, you can save a lot of time looking for inspiration there (if you don't get distracted) pinterest.com/wildcraftvita.

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce that my dandelion post has been nominated by a group of bloggers who organize a blog hop called "wildcrafting wednesday",  a place to share and find ideas for using herbs, homesteading, healthy recipes etc.

Wildcrafting Wednesday People’s Choice Nominee

 If I have contributed, in even a small way, to improving the status of this amazing but often overlooked and badly treated weed  I  admit that I am rather pleased. If you like dandelions and  are so inclined you can click on the above  button and vote for my dandelion post, you may also  find something else  interesting on the list,  or at the host blogs linked below. There are 10 nominated posts from different bloggers. You can vote at any or all of the following blogs:

The Entwife's Journal-http://visionherbs.tumblr.com


  1. just voted for your dandelion post wcd..happy new year..x

    1. Thanks Jane, and all the best to you & family x

  2. I voted for this post. I love dandelions and I love you.

    1. Thanks Terressa, also for your kind words....made my day :-)

  3. thanks
    i love dandelions. it's very healthy plant, not a weed.

  4. Merry christmas , from Italy ! Buon Natale !

  5. Love this site and all you do. As one who is somewhat addicted to sharing a love of dandelions, I wanted to share why you are seeing so many of them popping up, especially around facebook. It is the official flower of military brats (kids who grew up in the military many of us growing up or living in other countries. There has been some controversy over use of the term brat and thousands of us have been trying to change the perception that it is a negative into something we are proud to be called. http://www.militarybrat.com/dandelion.cfm Some history and and explanation...........Again, love this and now have more of a reason to love this weed!


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