20 lovely free printable tags/labels for herbs, spices, home-made preserves and gifts

I'm feeling rather smug as I've just prepared two Christmas gifts, but I  will probably now do nothing until two days before Christmas and then panic. I love home-made gifts and I always have intentions to gift more than I actually do.  Home-made gifts  not only  indicate  good intentions but also love, thought, consideration,  dedication of ones time,  planning and  more......If they taste  and look good too, so much the better.

Spending a little extra time to add a tag or label to a home-made item or gift really does improve it's appearance and value,  not only to others but also oneself. I often add stickers to label the contents and date of my concoctions, but since discovering so many lovely free printables my home-made stuff looks so much better.

There are so many talented designers out there who generously share their work.  The graphics world is very competitive,  much thought and time goes into design, colours and calligraphy  and  I can understand why graphics design and marketing is so important.

I added tags to some bottles of hedgerow vinegar. The vinegar is very tasty. I followed the same procedure that I used last year for  elderberry-red-wine-vinegar , but also added  some sloes, blackberries and crab apples and simmered it for a little longer so it is denser. The tags that I used are a lovely vintage design from eatdrinkchic.com. I am sharing them along with other favourite free printable tags and labels. I hope they inspire you to gift something home-made this Christmas.

The tags can be glued to card stock to make them sturdier. Make holes with a hole punch.
The labels  look good attached with sticky back plastic ( self-adhesive vinyl film).
Click on the websites not the photos;

botanicle tags @ tinyinklings.com

floral tags   @ packagery.com

hand made with love @ omnia-praeclara-rara.blogspot.nl

more mason jar tags @ cottage-industrialist.com

chalkboard gift tags @ elli.com
*beware, a reader reported possible trojans when downloading chalkboard gift tags,
although I haven't had problems- is your anti-virus up-to-date? 25/11/13

holiday chalkboard mason jar tags @ craftswithjars.com

merry christmas tags @ lilac-n-lavender.blogspot.com


herb and spice labels @ blog.sassaby.com.au

more herb and spice labels @ jillmckeever.blogspot.com

oil and vinegar labels @ eatdrinkchic.com

apothecary labels @ blog.worldlabel.com

vintage apothecary labels @ eatdrinkchic.com

hand made beauty labels @ freshpickedbeauty.com

French country jam labels @ elli.com

mason lid labels @ limeshot.com

mason jar labels @ southernweddings.com

canning labels @ gardentherapy.ca

jam time labels @ fun.kyti.me

create your own round labels @ thenerdyfarmwife.com


  1. They are all so beautiful. You are making me slightly anxious about my complete lack of holiday preparation!

    1. Oh no - don't be ....there is lotsss of time yet! Thanks for visiting :-)

  2. what thoughtfulness and generosity wcd..your vinegar looks really special and anyone receiving it is a very lucky person indeed..x

    1. thanks- I hope I'm not tempted to use one before xmas!! I've nearly finished my bottle ...

  3. What a great resource! I appreciate the mention too! :)

    1. Thankyou for your kind words and for all your inspiration :-)

  4. Just an FYI - my virus software picked up a Trojan and deleted it when I was downloading the elli.com chalkboard tags. Not sure if there are programs attached to the download or not, but thought I should mention it.

    1. Oh dear! Thanks for letting me know. We all need good virus programs.

  5. I love these labels. Such a great resource!
    Thanks for sharing on Natural Living Monday.

  6. not sure how to download them fro printing?

    1. Click on the different websites above the photos and then click on "download" on some sites or on the images on others and then print.

  7. Thanks for sharing at our From the Farm Blog Hop! I am taking an herbal course right now and these labels will come in handy! Thanks so much for putting this together.
    Fresh Eggs Daily

  8. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday this week. Here is our link to put on your post, :)

    1. Thanks, sorry I have linked now :-)


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